South Central District

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Independent Support Coordination is Serving in the 13 counties of South Central Tennessee
Tennessee Alliance of Support Coordinators (TASC)
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Shelbyville ISC
Sharon Bain
Patrick Frazine
Brenda Lackey
Judy Jacobs
Justine Weaver
Patty Baker
Randy Smith
Jo Beth Damron
Claudia "Sue" Stewart
Stephen Nichols
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Independent Support Coordination

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"Four stars"
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113 Eaglette Way
Suite B
Shelbyville, TN 37160
1412 Trotwood Ave
Suite 13
Columbia, TN 38401

Phone: 931-680-0094
Fax: 931-680-0021

Phone: 931-840-4330
Fax: 931-840-5041
Mission and vision
Making the difference in the lives of persons with disabilities by helping them reach their potential and fulfill dreams.
Who is Served
The ISC program coordinates services for individuals, primarily adults, with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are enrolled in the Medicaid Waiver. Individuals supported by the ISC of CDC include those living in eleven South Central counties.
The ISC will be a friend and a personal support to the person served.
The ISC will value listening to the person served as well as observing the whole situation.
The ISC will discuss and explain the consequences of choices.
The ISC will look at the "big picture? with the individual and promote independence.
The ISC will befriend the person served while serving as advocate.
The ISC will make every effort to find appropriate resources while educating the community in providing natural supports.
The ISC will assemble, coordinate and mediate for services.

How to Apply
Application for services is through the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Assignment of services is dependent on DIDD assessment. Contact the "Middle Tennessee Regional Office Intake Unit" at 615-231-5382 for application. They will direct you to the Intake Coordinator that services your county of residence.

Locations & Hours
The ISC program maintains Monday-Friday daily office hours, 8:00 ? 4:30 and customizes its operating hours to meet the needs of the individuals and families served.

Center Staff
The ISC program staffs 18 professionals and is serving 330 individuals in Middle Tennessee.
Advisory Board
The ISC maintains an advisory board group made up of consumers from both of it's offices. ISC of CDC board members meet twice per year.  Topics for advisory board meetings include issues that are focused on areas of growth in the lives of the developmentally disabled population.
Contact Us
Phone: (931) 680-0094
Fax: (931) 680-0021

Phone: (931) 840-4330
Fax: (931) 840-5041


advisory board members
Columbia ISC
Tasha Braly
Cynthia Frierson
John Greene
Jeremy Hackert
Patsy Hopper
Melissa Hooper
Najee Watson

Debra K. Payne


Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Debra K. Payne was appointed as commissioner of the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) on June 1, 2013. Payne is the second commissioner to take the helm since the Tennessee legislature established DIDD as a stand-alone department effective January 15, 2011. Prior to serving in this capacity, Payne was the first deputy commissioner of DIDD.

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