Employment Services / Pre-ets / voc rehab / ecf choices

Contact Us:

Email kelli.lafont@cdctn.org
Phone number: 931-684-4269
Fax: 931-684-9431

 Program Services:

Pre-ets, job readinies, voc rehab, exploration and discovery choices

Our Goals:

Employment Services at the CDC works to build community relationships between businesses and people with disabilities.

 Assist people with disabilities to find and attain competitive employment.

Help advocate to businesses on behalf of people with disabilities.

Educate businesses about the benefit and untapped potential that people with disabilities bring to the workforce.

Continue to develop partnerships with community leaders to bring awareness for disability and employment rights.

Employment Services for adults with disabilities and other barriersREAL JOBS, REAL WAGES

Employment Services program will help adults who are living with disabilities and other barriers to work find the services and support they need to be successful. We provide evaluation, training, job placement and support services to exceed the expectations of both job seekers and employers.

Our program will provide support with all aspects of job readiness including workplace expectations, training and skill development, resume development, interview techniques, job search, and on the job training. Employment Coordinator & Specialist are available to assist in ensuring a successful employment.





The Community Development Center is a Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP) for the Tennessee Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
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