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Anna Childress Board Chair

The efforts and contributions of the Community Development Center have been invaluable both to the individuals and families served as well as the communities in which the programs are located. I am grateful to serve as chairman of the CDC Governing Board for those efforts and contributions. The agency has made a critical difference to over 850 families who live in the South Central District through the provision of direct services in the Early Intervention programs, Support Coordination of services for adults with disabilities, supports to families who have a member with a disability and 600 annual hours of training provided to staff in child care facilities throughout this region.

This clearly has a dramatic effect on many lives! The primary reason for my years of long involvement and investment in this cause is because I believe there is no more relevant and powerful hands-on program available anywhere to turn a child's life around at an early age. The significant differences in these lives are known to over 89 Advisory Board members who take a hands-on role in their local communities and I speak on behalf of those board members as well.

The funding of these programs, providing adequate salaries to staff for their commitments in performing excellent jobs as well as the ongoing guiding of the agency to fulfill its mission are areas of challenges. However, the long term results make these challenges surmountable and as a Board, we gladly undertake them.

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